Seabrook Fire and Rescue

Quick Knock Saves Barn


 On Thursday January 22, 2015 at 17:25 hours, Tender 3111, Engine 3202, Engine 3301 and Squad 34 were dispatched to Brock Farms on Polk Lane for a Commercial Structure. Dispatch advised responding units that a tractor was on fire inside the barn.

BLS 3429 arrived first due and found a light smoke condition with an active fire inside the barn. Tender 3111 arrived on scene, established Command and crews stretched a hand line. Engine 3202 arrived right behind T3111 and the crew helped stretch the line. T3111's crew made a quick knock on the fire and prevented any extension to the barn.

Command placed the fire under control at 17:34 hours. Engine 3301 and Tender 3211 arrived just after and crews staged on the roadway. Command requested the Fire Marshal to the scene for the investigation. All units with the exception of Station 31 units were clear at 17:57 hours. T3111 and FM-2 cleared the scene at 18:41 hours.

Units on scene were Tender 3111, Engine 3104, Engine 3202, Tender 3211, Engine 3301, BLS 3429, 32 Fire Police, FM-2, BLS 3429, BLS 3427 and the New Jersey State Police.