Seabrook Fire and Rescue

Seabrook Fire and Rescue Apparatus

Units Serving Our District

Tender 3211

  Freightliner Four Guys

1000 GPM

3500 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank

Portable Monitor

4000 Gallon Portable Tank

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Engine 3202

  Spartan / Marion

1500 GPM

1000 Gallon Poly Tank

6 Man Crew

1500' 4" LDH

Deck Gun

100' Bumper Mounted Trash Line

4 Gas Meter

Thermal Imaging Camera

5 Gallons Foam

Hurst Extrication Equipment Including:

"32A" Spreader

"O" Cutter

"Maverick" Spreader/Cutter Combination



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Ladder 3216

  Pierce Dash Telesqurt

50' Telesqurt Aerial Unit

1000 GPM

750 Gallon Steel Tank

1000 GPM Aerial Mounted Nozzle

6.5KW Onan Generator


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Rescue 3221

  Freightliner Rescue 1

Roof Mounted Light Tower

Full Compliment of Hurst Extrication Tools

Demo Saw


Heavy Timber For Collapse Rescue

Hurst Air Bags

Res - Q Jacks


Full Assortment of Hand Tools

Electric Powered Sawzalls, Impact Gun, Shears

(4) Pack Seats

Water Rescue Equipment

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Rescue 3222

  Ford F350

Support Unit 3251

  Ford Expedition

Marine 32

  Carolina Skiff